The Spanish Revolution, 2011

Thousands of residents in Spain have gathered to protest against government corruption, unemployment, and the current economic situation. What started as a small protest in Madrid on May 15th extended to 30,000 thousand protesters. “Los Indignados” or “The Indignant”  have turned the landmark Puerta del Sol square into an urban village in which they sleep, eat, sing, and create artistic posters exposing their social beliefs. They stand against violence and drug/alcohol use during the demonstration, and have volunteers keeping the event organized. There are stations for water and food distribution, recycling, restrooms, media sharing, and even medical support. Due to the mass amount of people, many of the volunteers solely focus on cleaning the plaza frequently. “This is our time to fight for what we believe, and we’re not leaving until we get it” said one of the protesters Saturday morning. Similar demonstrations have spread in over 50 cities, including Alicante, Cadiz, and London.

Photo by Natalie Edgar. Saturday, May 21, 2011


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