Moros y Cristianos

Alicante, Spain. June 4, 2011. In recognition of the Christian Reconquista of Spain, different Provinces celebrate the annual festival “Los Moros y Cristianos” by parading through the town in costumes. The residents re-enact the battles between Moors and Christians taking place during the 11th Century.

Alicante, Spain. June 4, 2011. A participant of the festival “Los Moros y Cristianos,” prepares for her appearance in the traditional parade that reenacts the battles between the Moors and Christians.  The festival takes place mainly in the coastal areas in Spain, as well as in other Provinces.


Alicante, Spain. June 4, 2011. Residents in Elda, a town belonging to the Province of Alicante, dress up either as Moors or Christians during the festival that commemorates  the Christian Reconquista of Spain. The costume for a Christian typically consists of feathers, metal armour, furs, etc.

Alicante, Spain. June 4, 2011.Due to the costumes, fireworks, and parade “Los Moros y Cristianos” is a festival highly favored by children all over Spain. Many of them participate in the parade and other activities by dressing in costume and acting like lings and queens, pirates, gypsies, etc.

Alicante, Spain. June 4, 2011. During the Moors and Christians festival in Alicante, Spain residents re-enact scenes and battles from the historical period during the Spanish Reconquista. June 3, 2010.

Alicante, Spain. June 4, 2011  During the festival of the Moors and Christians in Alicante, the streets of Elda are completely packed with residents and tourists watching the parade, dancing to medieval music, or playing with fireworks. The majority of those attending the festival dress up in colorful, medieval costumes during the weekend of the celebration.






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