Here I am, once again on another airplane. This time I’m headed towards a completely different direction: Central America. I was granted the opportunity to spend two months in Spain studying, traveling, and documenting of course. I’ve hopped aboard a different voyage now. This one won’t be surrounded by thousand year old basilicas or flower-filled balconies, though. There will be dirt roads, jocote trees and best of all, 34 bright smiles.  It’s my third summer going to Chacraseca, Nicaragua, I guess you can say that something about this country and its people sucked me right in.

With only two years of official existence, Imagination Federation has come a long way. This year alone, our non-profit organization raised over 20,000 dollars for Tengo Un Sueño and Escuela para los Niños. Both projects are geared towards the education of young people in Chacraseca. Tengo Un Sueño is dedicated to fund a 17 year education for 34 elementary school students known as The Dreamers.

With the help of volunteers, passionate leaders in Miami and Chacraseca, and generous donations, we were able to have an extremely successful year. We not only stay committed to our dreams in order to bring change to the Chacraseca community, but we also do it for ourselves. These trips create great shifts within us, remind us of our essence as human beings, and create a spark that continuously lights up, just like the fireflies that will surround us there.

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