Step Away From The Comfort Zone: Nicaragua Service Trip

On the second night of our trip, each Imagination Federation volunteer decided to sleep over a Dreamer’s house. Victoria Montero, college student from Miami, said, “It was a big shock. You really get to witness how poor these children are.  There was never a moment that I wanted to leave though, that family offered us every single thing they had. I have never felt so welcomed.” We all agreed that staying over the children’s homes were wonderful experiences and that this would be repeated in the next trips to come.

August 2, 2011. Chacraseca, Nicaragua. Dreamer, Berardo Martinez Velazquez and his family sit in their living room to watch Nicaraguan soap operas every night.

August 2, 2011. Chacraseca, Nicaragua. College student, Victoria Montero draws for 3-year-old Helen Martinez Velazquez, (Berardo's little sister) during the sleep over.

August 3, 2011. Chacraseca, Nicaragua. Professor Alex Salinas carries his pillow as he and the rest of the volunteers walk the Dreamers to school the following morning of the sleep over.

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