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Susset Cabrera’s shoot for the Marshalls Project FAB campaign at the Mondrian South Beach

Last week I worked alongside the beautiful Susset Cabrera, President of Peacock Public Relations and editor of “Miami Beats and Sazon”.  She was granted the opportunity to participate in the Marshalls Project FAB campaign so we had an amazing photoshoot at the luxurious Mondrian South Beach in Miami. Here are a couple of the photos from our shoot. Check out Susset’s full article on her blog “Miami Beats and Sazon” !

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Kendrick Lamar // Live at The Fillmore Miami

Kendrick Lamar’s star is burning brighter than it has at any point during the 25-year-old rapper’s career. Lamar’s performance was, for lack of a better word, epic. “K-Dot, K-dot, K-dot!!!” the crowd shouted in anticipation before he took the stage. The room exploded when Kendrick came out, the energy overwhelming as fans got their first glimpse of the rapper. K-Dot gave his fans exactly what they wanted, a slew of old school hits from earlier projects with a mix of freestyles and newer songs and, toward the end, a preview of the new album with hits like “The Recipe” and “Swimming Pools (Drank)”. In the process, he showed us all why he’s the total package as an emcee. (Written By: Jayson Stewart @FiveStarAdam)

All Photos by: Natalie Edgar

The sky is the limit — Flight over Miami.

September 5, 2011. South Beach, Miami. Former pilot, Eligio Damas flies over Miami's shoreline. Eligio was a pilot for over four years.

September 5, 2011. Miami, FL. Eligio Damas, a former pilot flies above the city of Miami. Despite the fact that Eligio no longer professionally works in the aviation field, he still enjoys flying recreationally. "Whenever I fly I'm reminded of my childhood and when I would stare at the airplanes in the sky. I always wondered if that could be me someday."

September 5, 2011. Eligio Damas steers the 737-400 plane. The last time former pilot, Eligio flew was in April 2011. Although he loves the feeling that comes with flying, he decided to switch careers due to the amount of traveling that was required. "I got tired of not being in one place for a normal amount of time. It gets old."