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Sneak Peek of Akari Kalai’s Shoot in LA



Jacqui Ingar During “Melody” Music Video Shoot

I’m shooting Jame Borcher’s music video this week and couldn’t help but sneak in a photo during this scene. Follow him on twitter @jamesborchers & the lovely model @jacquiingar

Marta Bernabeu

Cristina and Sandra

Sandra Ferrándiz Espartal is a singer for the band, La Espartera. Their music doesn´t fall into one category, but is a combination of funk, soul, blues, reggae, and most importantly, Flamenco.

Alicante, Spain. June 16, 2011. Cristina Cánovas, a Flamenco and Belly dancer currently living in Murcia is also a strong advocate and leader of M-15: A youth movement pacifically fighting against Spain´s current political and social system. ¨We have to educate our own people about the situation, otherwise things will stay the same here.¨ The unemployment rate has peaked at about 21% for the general population of Spain, but is even higher for young citizens, reaching roughly 43%.