Right to Wynwood’s Guerilla Screening

This is Oria’s old home in which her family and her lived in for over 50 years. In this house, we filmed and interviewed her for Right to Wynwood, the documentary Camila Álvarez and I have been working on. On August 2013, they decided to sell the property and leave the neighborhood of Wynwood. What was once a home, is now deserted, bombed, and under the demolition process.

On December 1st, #RighttoWynwood screened inside this vacant, now graffiti-filled living room which indicates the final stages of the gentrification process. Residents, ex-residents (including Oria and her family), artists, Wynwood lovers, sociologists, etc filled the melancholic space, and shared their opinions and sentiments on the rapid changes taking place in Wynwood along with their effects.

This night reassured every single effort made towards the endless creation of this documentary. It reminded us of our purpose, and gave us a feeling no extrinsic award could possibly offer. Awareness sparks conversation; conversation is eventually followed by action. More conversation is what we need, and so we keep going. Thanks to everyone who was a part of this amazing event.guerillascreening



Markets Around the World: Georgetown, Guyana

Here is my Guyana edition of “Markets Around the World”.




Segovia, Spain