Right to Wynwood’s Guerilla Screening

This is Oria’s old home in which her family and her lived in for over 50 years. In this house, we filmed and interviewed her for Right to Wynwood, the documentary Camila Álvarez and I have been working on. On August 2013, they decided to sell the property and leave the neighborhood of Wynwood. What was once a home, is now deserted, bombed, and under the demolition process.

On December 1st, #RighttoWynwood screened inside this vacant, now graffiti-filled living room which indicates the final stages of the gentrification process. Residents, ex-residents (including Oria and her family), artists, Wynwood lovers, sociologists, etc filled the melancholic space, and shared their opinions and sentiments on the rapid changes taking place in Wynwood along with their effects.

This night reassured every single effort made towards the endless creation of this documentary. It reminded us of our purpose, and gave us a feeling no extrinsic award could possibly offer. Awareness sparks conversation; conversation is eventually followed by action. More conversation is what we need, and so we keep going. Thanks to everyone who was a part of this amazing event.guerillascreening


Right to Wynwood

Our project, “Right to Wynwood” explores the causes and effects of gentrification in Wynwood. Through interviews with developers, gallerists, artists, community leaders, and members of the local Puerto Rican population, we seek to tell the story of how Wynwood went from Miami’s oldest Puerto Rican community to its largest art district, and what that means for the future of the neighborhood. We want people to be aware of the peculiar way in which the neighborhood was gentrified—one of them being the use of street art as a marketing tool. It’s a story about Miami in every way possible, from art to culture to economy to community. Our film is a documentation of a unique part of Miami’s history that just so happens to be in process right now. Though people have been calling Wynwood the ‘Soho of Miami’, we’ve discovered that this simply isn’t true, as gentrification in Wynwood occurred in a completely different way, with entirely different motives.

We’ve also discovered that no one actually knows what really happened, have never heard the word gentrification in their lives, and for the most part are blissfully unaware of what has been going on in their own streets. Many people are exploring Wynwood, but no one is asking any of the questions that we are.

Producer: Camila Álvarez 

Directors: Camila Álvarez  & Natalie Edgar

Director of Photography: Natalie Edgar

Get Liive Football Camp

As summer comes to an end and Football season quickly approaches, I wanted to share my first football related video post. Earlier this summer, I worked alongside Malka Media as the Director of Photography for this promo video for the Get Liive Football Camp. Tennessee Titan’s LB, Collin McCarthy and S.A.S. Sports Training  sponsored this event in which NFL players such as, Philadelphia Eagle’s WR, Riley Cooper and Atlanta Falcon’s K Matt Bosher train and  interact with children whom are passionate about football.  Press play and enjoy!

Last Shoot for “Right to Wynwood”

Both a little sad and proud today after our last shoot for “Right to Wynwood“, the documentary @camialvarez7 and I have been working on / putting our souls into. It’s felt somewhat like an eternity and yet a quick glimpse at the same time. We’re at the final stages of this project that has led us to understand the complexities and the real story behind Wynwood. Can’t wait to share it with you all !


Susset Cabrera’s shoot for the Marshalls Project FAB campaign at the Mondrian South Beach

Last week I worked alongside the beautiful Susset Cabrera, President of Peacock Public Relations and editor of “Miami Beats and Sazon”.  She was granted the opportunity to participate in the Marshalls Project FAB campaign so we had an amazing photoshoot at the luxurious Mondrian South Beach in Miami. Here are a couple of the photos from our shoot. Check out Susset’s full article on her blog “Miami Beats and Sazon” !

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Feel More

Think less

Freedom is a State of Mind (Self Portraits)



What inspired this video I created with the help of Nik Martinez was the simple thought of how powerful “Wanderlusting” truly is.  I constantly encourage all of my loved ones to wander through unknown lands because I truly feel as though it is the most powerful way to acquire knowledge. Traveling more brings us a different type of awareness, one that removes us from our stagnant comfort zones. One that makes us realize how connected human beings really are. It makes you see the fact that we are slowly moving away from the concept of collectivism, and being driven towards more individualistic ideals instead.

The concept of the video is related to the experience of traveling itself. One doesn’t really know how each part (or place visited) fits together until the very end of the journey, once it has been seen from the holistic perspective.

“We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.”

-T.S. Elliot


Wanderlustin’ from Natalie Edgar on Vimeo.

Kendrick Lamar // Live at The Fillmore Miami

Kendrick Lamar’s star is burning brighter than it has at any point during the 25-year-old rapper’s career. Lamar’s performance was, for lack of a better word, epic. “K-Dot, K-dot, K-dot!!!” the crowd shouted in anticipation before he took the stage. The room exploded when Kendrick came out, the energy overwhelming as fans got their first glimpse of the rapper. K-Dot gave his fans exactly what they wanted, a slew of old school hits from earlier projects with a mix of freestyles and newer songs and, toward the end, a preview of the new album with hits like “The Recipe” and “Swimming Pools (Drank)”. In the process, he showed us all why he’s the total package as an emcee. (Written By: Jayson Stewart @FiveStarAdam)

All Photos by: Natalie Edgar

La Mala Rodriguez Performs at Grand Central

On Saturday night, Latin Grammy award winning hip hop artist, La Mala Rodriguez performed in Downtown Miami nightclub, Grand Central.  To see the full article check out BeachedMiami.

June 30, 2012. Miami, FL.

June 30, 2012. Miami, FL.

Jacqui Ingar During “Melody” Music Video Shoot

I’m shooting Jame Borcher’s music video this week and couldn’t help but sneak in a photo during this scene. Follow him on twitter @jamesborchers & the lovely model @jacquiingar

Ultra Music Festival 2012





Visit Distraction Magazine to see more photographs from the event.

Walk2Nicaragua – The 1,080 Mile Journey

Photos by Natalie Edgar. March 2, 2012.  Miami, FL. On Friday, Imagination Federation, a non-profit organization that works towards the education of children in Chacraseca, Nicaragua hosted their second annual Walk2Nicaragua walkathon. The aim was to collectively walk 1080 miles—the distance between Miami and Chacraseca.  While the main location for the event was at the Miami Dade College Kendall, others took the initiative to gather and walk for the cause as well. 25 students from Mast Academy walked the Rickenbacker causeway, 100 citizens of Chacraseca, Nicaragua completed a total of 755 kilometers (469 miles) around the small community, and 12 fellows of the NHLI 2012 Executive Leadership Program held in California gathered in San Juan Bautista and walked 16 miles.  Over 400 Participants at Miami Dade College finished 1,080 miles 12 hours after the start of the event. Although the distance goal was not only reached, but also exceeded, their second goal is still in progress. With about a month left of the campaign, Imagination Federation has raised 4,500 dollars out of their 10,000-dollar goal.  For more information, or if you would like to support this cause, visit

March 2, 2012. Miami, FL. Jorge Vega Rosado, infielder for the Toronto Blue Jays tweets @imaginationfed about his 2 mile run for Walk2Nicaragua.

March 2, 2012. Miami, FL. Producer and DJ, Danny Arrondo volunteered to support the Walk2Nicaragua event by hyping the participants with energetic music throughout the community event.

March 2, 2012. Miami, FL. Volunteers took shifts during the event to keep track of the miles that were completed to reach the 1,080 mile goal.

March 2, 2012. Miami, FL. Miami-Dade firefighters support the event, Walk2Nicaragua by running around the track at Miami Dade College Kendall campus.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Chino y Nacho ft. Jay Sean “Bebe Bonita” Music Video Shoot

January 26, 2012. Miami, Florida. Chino y Nacho, the Latin Grammy award-winning duo worked on the music video for their song “Bebe Bonita” featuring British R&B artist, Jay Sean. This is the second official single in their most recent album “Supremo” that debuted #1 in sales in the United States and Puerto Rico and atop the Billboard Latin Albums Chart. Akon also appeared on the set as their special guest at Passion Night Club in the Hard Rock Casino. Chino y Nacho, both from Venezuela, recently won the 2012 Premio Lo Nuestro Award for “Group or Duo of the Year” on February 16, 2012.

January 26, 2012. Miami, FL. Nacho and Jay Sean on set during "Bebe Bonita" video shoot.

January 26, 2012. Miami, FL. Sonic, one of the main dancers in the "Bebe Bonita" music video shoot, gets ready for her scene.

January 26, 2012. Miami, FL. Chino, Ariel G, and Nacho on set for the "Bebe Bonita" music video shoot. Ariel is a Visual Consultant and the Creative Director for Artists Collaboration at Mark Ecko Enterprises.

January 26, 2012. Miami, FL. Dancer, Ivenise Ruidiaz poses on set during Chino y Nacho's "Bebe Bonita music video shoot.

January 26, 2012. Miami, FL. The dressing room at the "Bebe Bonita" music video shoot.

January 26, 2012. Miami, FL. Jay Sean, Ariel Gonzalez, and Nacho on set during the "Bebe Bonita" music video shoot.

January 26, 2012. Miami, FL. Chino gets prepared for one of the last scenes of the "Bebe Bonita" music video shoot.

January 26, 2012. Miami, FL. Dancers pose on set of the "Bebe Bonita" music video shoot.

January 26, 2012. Miami, FL. On set during Chino y Nacho's "Bebe Bonita" music video produced by Ben De Jesus and directed by Marlon Peña.

Becca and Erica: Finally Legal

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing Becca and Erica’s Hollywood themed, 18th birthday celebration on Miami Beach. It was such a fun shoot thanks to these beautiful girls and their loved ones!


Drake Turns the BUC Into Club Paradise


February 14, 2012. Miami, Fl. This Valentine’s Day, Miami’s BankUnited Center introduced Drake‘s opening show of the Club Paradise tour. The tour will run until March throughout college campuses and then will journey on in Europe.

February 14, 2012. Miami, Fl. Drake performs one of his most recent songs “Marvin’s Room”,  the promotional single for his album “Take Care”.

February 14, 2012. Miami, Fl. Drizzy, having the reputation of being one of today’s more “sensitive” rappers, made sure that every gal at the sold out event received a rose from him.


Photos by Natalie Edgar

Angelina’s Photoshoot



Sultan Family Photoshoot

My Favorite Tree House-living Hippie

Shawnee can be described as a modern hippie. She has been living in her tree house paradise located in North Miami. Although she owns a house on the same land where the tree house is located, she chooses to rent it out to college students attending the FIU Biscayne campus instead. “I don’t like to feel confined by concrete walls, I just love my openness and being this close to nature.”  She also manages her own business, Shawnee’s Green Thumb Popcorn, a healthy snack she’s been making for years.

December 9, 2011. North Miami, Fl. Shawny sits in her bedroom, close to her favorite tree. "When it rains, I love that I can just extend my arm and feel the water drops on my fingertips."

November 29, 2011. North Miami, Fl. The living room in Shawnee's tree house is decorated with photos of her loved ones.

December 9, 2011. North Miami, Fl. You rarely ever see Shawnee with shoes on, or without a daisy in her hair.

December 9, 2011. North Miami, Fl. Shawnee's tree house was built by her older brother, Ray in 2008. He owns a 3-story tree house in North Miami as well.

November 29, 2011. North Miami, Fl. Shawnee sits in the terrace by her tree house, which is technology friendly and offers Wifi.

November 29, 2011. North Miami, Fl. One of Shawnee's many fascinations are bees, she describes how they play such an integral part in our ecosystem, but are slowly dying off. About 6 months ago, she decided to get a beehive in her backyard.

November 29, 2011. North Miami, Fl. Ray, Shawnee's brother, prepares a smoke pump that causes the bees to unprotect their hive during the honey removal.

December 9, 2011. North Miami, Fl. While lying on her bed on the second floor of the tree house, Shawnee reads one of her favorite novels, Siddartha.

November 29, 2011. North Miami, Fl. Shawnee dedicated her tree house to her late son, Josh that died of a heart attack at 30.

December 9, 2011. North Miami, Fl. She makes a batch of her famous organic popcorn in her kitchen.

December 9, 2011. North Miami, Fl. Spirulina is considered to be on the top of the list for superfoods, and is one of the main ingredients used for Shawnee's Green Thumb Popcorn.

December 9, 2011. North Miami, Fl. Shawnee plays with her pet dog that she's had for over 10 years.

December 9, 2011. North Miami, Fl. During warm days Shawnee and her family enjoy bathing and playing in her pond.

December 9, 2011. North Miami, Fl. Wren, Shawne's daughter eats her favorite snack with her children, Shawnee's Greenthumb Popcorn.

December 9, 2011. North Miami, Fl. Shawnee reaches in her jewelry box for a necklace made in Guatemala. She is an admirer of central American jewelry.

November 29, 2011. North Miami, Fl. This bookshelf holds images of Shawnee (left), one of her favorite artists, Alanis Morisette, and her role model, Malcolm X.


Shawnee feeds her pet raccoon.

December 9, 2011. North Miami, Fl. Shawnee and her granddaughter climb the tree by her house. 'Kids barely play outside and get dirty anymore. I think it's so important for them to play and use their imagination, most children just stick to video games and watch television for fun."

Bombay Sapphire and Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation Exhibit Party During Art Basel

Downtown, Miami. December 2, 2011. Photos by: Natalie Edgar. On December 2, 2011 the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and Bombay Sapphire hosted an event in downtown, Miami during Art Basel.  Russell Simmons, along with his brother Danny Simmons started the foundation in 1995 to shine light on underrepresented artists in the United States. “Art Series” is a search for the next big visual, creative geniuses. With almost 2000 entries from artists throughout the nation, only 2 were selected the night of the event and prized with an exhibition in The Rush Arts Gallery in Manhattan.

Downtown, Miami. December 2, 2011. Miguel Ovalle’s art piece being displayed during the 2nd Annual BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Artisan Series hosted by Bombay Sapphire and Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. Ovalle was one of the 2 winners; His work will be exhibited at the Rush Arts Gallery in Manhattan on January.